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Bosch has a complete programme of training which technicians move through to attain the knowledge and practical skills needed to attain the concluding ATA assessment of the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Programme.

The most popular courses within this are the VSE1 and VSTD9, ‘Essential test procedures’ and ‘Oscilloscope operation and signal test operation’, the first two courses in the Bosch Diagnostic technician programme. The goal for the first of these courses is to provide delegates with a working knowledge of standard electrical test procedures and how they are applied correctly, allowing delegates to perform electrical confirmation checks with confidence when carrying out diagnostic routines. Attendance on this two-day course is not necessary for technicians who are already proficient in electrical circuit testing theory and practice.

‘Oscilloscope operation and signal test operation’ is essential for all technicians other than those who already use an oscilloscope regularly during vehicle system diagnosis work. It provides a preliminary review of the oscilloscope, waveform display with control adjustments and settings, connections and test methods, waveform display practise on typical system components and waveform comparison and interpretation.

Also popular is the WTE1 course, a KTS operation course, usually claimed for free with a Bosch KTS serial number.

Click the links here to view the Bosch STC Uxbridge Calendar and all Bosch Nationwide Training Courses running in 2016:

Bosch training calendar 2016

Bosch Nationwide courses 2016

To book a course, contact your Bosch parts supplier, to book direct email SAA.Training@uk.bosch.com.

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