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The Supertracker STR600 3D aligner features automatic number plate recognition, can be used in many locations and no run-out compensation is required. Using the Shoot and Go function, the aligner can automatically pull up vehicle geometry specifications by reading the number plate through a camera. The data is obtained in as little as 5 seconds. This function can also be used in conjunction with Aligner Connect, which allows you to view readings and operate the aligner through your smart phone or tablet. 

With the cameras fixed on the lift, the constant interruption of the transmission signals is eliminated, while any inaccuracies in the lift are compensated for. Mobile measuring heads mean quick checks can be carried out virtually anywhere and without the need for the crucifix measuring system. 

3D targets eliminate the run-out function required on other 3D systems, saving time and effort by not having to push and pull heavy vehicles to gather initial readings. The 12” to 24” wheel clamps have no metal to metal contact with the wheels, preventing rim damage. 

Readings are obtained by the heads seeing the position of the 3D targets clamped on the wheels and touch pads allow the aligner to be operated away from the main console. LED displays guide the user to the direction where adjustments are required and displays battery status information. Although they have an approximate 8 hour run time, the batteries themselves are detachable, so additional batteries can be charged while the aligner is in use. 

The software is installed on a Windows-based operating system and designed to be easy to navigate. A colour print out has a graphic display of the wheel positions with ‘before’ and ‘after’ readings and the system can store twenty thousand customer records. Updates are available all year round. 

PHONE: 01489 773 888 

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