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As we had to cancel our live Big Day Out events this year, Autotechnician decided to film Andy Crook working through a live fault in his workshop and gather some technical presentations to share with technicians online. 

Andy Crook kicks thing off with a live case study on an Audi S3 suffering from a running fault within his 28-minute presentation. The customer’s vehicle was stalling occasionally, would not idle smoothly and had a coolant leak. The fault codes, live data and subsequent tests are explained in this workshop case study to determine the underlying issues.

Philip Mitchell of Delphi Technologies focuses on drive modules, looking at the ways manufacturers can convert their existing ICE technology to a form of hybrid while we transition eventually to EV’s. In this 26-minute segment, Philip includes details of some of the existing mild hybrid setups – six options Borg Warner have in its ‘P’ family of Hybrid powertrains.

DPF Doctor Darren Darling then provides some insights into using additives correctly and gives viewers tips on how to stay out of trouble when working on DPF repairs.

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