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Behr Hella Service provides independent workshops with a single source solution for all AC products – from filter dryers and evaporators via condensers and expansion valves to pressure switches and compressors. In January 2017, it introduced its Premium Line product label for identifying more than 4,500 products manufactured by companies such as BEHR, AKG, Visteon and others with OE competence.

Support is offered in the form of manuals, checklists, videos and technical brochures available at HELLA TECH WORLD. Here, technicians can also find 3D animations from the previous know-how tool that allow viewing functions and connections amongst products groups. The 3D tool is continuously expanding its use of illustrating complex processes, providing information surrounding coolants and oil filling quantities not only in the form of handbooks, but also digitally via the website and via the compressor app, directly on a tablet or smartphone.

To make workshop customers aware of the need for AC inspection and regular servicing, a range of flyers, outdoor banners, service brochures, posters and other information is available for workshops to display in the waiting area.

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Click here for Hella’s advice on the service and repair of air con and thermal management systems on hybrid vehicles.

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