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Air con UV tests


Primalec’s Glo-Leak UV test fluids are sensitive to UV light, so when used as an additive in oils, coolants and refrigerants, a hand held UV leak tracer light can pin-point the exact source of any leakage that would otherwise go undetected.

“When we first started with Glo-Leak in the late 1980’s”, says Richard Doran, Primalec’s MD, “UV leak test equipment was big, cumbersome and expensive but lighting technology has changed dramatically in recent years, and continues to advance.” This has resulted in the launch of two products in a new series of hand held torch style UV spotlights, both of which fit in the pocket.

MiniBright UV400 is just 11cm long, but outputs an extraordinary amount of light at the top end of the UV spectrum using replaceable AA batteries, and works well with Glo-Leak UV for air conditioning and coolants.

MiniPro UV365 is only 13.5cm long and is powered by rechargeable lithium battery. It comes supplied in an aluminium case with a charger and spare battery. Its output is at the peak UVA light wavelength of 365nm, perfect for fluorescing all types of Glo-Leak as well as other UV sensitive materials.

Primalec has also developed new Glo-Leak fluorescing colours, which enable technicians to identify separate leaks in different vehicle systems, such as engines and air conditioners, or to prevent misdiagnosis when two parallel hydraulic circuits are being tested.

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