Aircon service in the new world of R1234YF

Primalec will address best practice when it comes to servicing air con systems and the importance of using the correct lubricants and refrigerants in the right proportions within its seminar at the Show.
The presentation will include a brief overview of a typical mobile AC system, before looking at the HFO refrigerant R1234yf and how it differs from R134a. Air conditioning lubricants will also be explored and which oils to use for R134a, R1234yf systems and hybrid and electric vehicles will be explained. Why standard PAG oils are incompatible with R1234yf and the risks of using the wrong oils with this expensive refrigerant will also be covered.
The session will conclude with some practical tips for better servicing of Acs, including leak detection and prevention, the use of proprietary additives and leak sealants in older vehicles, how to ensure optimum cooling efficiency of the AC and a simple, low-cost way to solve a high proportion of refrigerant leaks.
The content will be delivered by Richard Doran of Primalec and Dr Liz Dixon of Shrieve, experts in PAG lubricant technology and refrigerant chemistry.
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