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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADAS, presents a significant opportunity for the aftermarket. Safety systems, such as lane change warnings and adaptive cruise control, are becoming more popular on the entire spectrum of vehicles, not just prestige models.

The correct functioning of these rely on sensors in the body and often in the windscreen, meaning that after even a minor shunt or a ‘screen change, the sensors have to be re-calibrated. The sensors are mostly calibrated off the thrust angle of the rear axle, so a full 4-wheel alignment is required to avoid a disastrous mistake. Wheel alignment equipment experts Absolute Alignment sells wheel aligners plus the hardware and software required to link the alignment to ADAS sensor re-calibration.

Technical director Chris Dear says: “This is a massive new business opportunity for the switched-on workshop. Not only will more and more cars require 4-wheel alignment, but the sensor calibration needs to be regularly checked.”

Absolute Alignment’s latest Techno 6 3D Wheel aligner is compatible with ADAS calibration, and is one of the most popular aligners in the range.

“Many workshops think that they don’t have room for an alignment bay,” continues Chris, “but the Techno 6 allied with wheel alignment stands breaks all those misconceptions and we can have the smallest workshop earning from wheel alignment within no time.”

Wheel alignment and ADAS sensor calibration is going to be big business for workshops very soon.  Technicians should get to know the dangers of “doing the tracking” without considering the implications of their actions on vital safety systems. A mis-calibration could have disastrous consequences at motorway speeds, just 1mm in sensor misalignment can make several metres of difference over its working range. The technology is filtering down into everyday cars very quickly and will become more common very soon.

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