All-in-one EV compliance


IMI-approved RWC Training, based in Milton Keynes, is offering an all-in-one EV compliance solution to workshops, which includes EV Workshop Safety Packs alongside IMI-approved EV training courses.

RWC is offering EV Workshop Safety Packs at reduced rates when purchased alongside its IMI approved EV training course to provide repairers with an ‘all-in-one’ compliant, EV solution.

In the UK, the National Grid has predicted there could be as many at 10.6 million EVs on the road by 2030, rising to 36 million by 2040.

Having the correct equipment is as critical as the correct skills when it comes to achieving EV compliance. Currently, the IMI believes just five per cent of the sector is appropriately qualified to work on electric vehicles.

RWC delivers IMI-accredited courses, including the high voltage standard and associated courses. Rob Ward, RWC Managing Director, said, “EVs are only going to become more popular as the technology improves around batteries, range and infrastructure. Securing the skills and equipment to handle these vehicles will be crucial to a business’s long-term future, while also opening a new revenue stream immediately.”

RWC’s fully compliant safety kit is delivered in partnership with Tool Connection. The self-contained, mobile workstation includes all the necessary high voltage personal protective equipment (PPE), insulated hand tools, high voltage testing equipment as well as safety signage.   

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