All-makes ADAS Calibration


Bosch’s new DAS 3000 enables workshops to quickly check and adjust front facing radar and camera systems, using universal calibration targets and vehicle-specific calibration via Bosch ESI[tronic]2.0 software on KTS diagnostic tools. 

Coloured retainers are used to mount the calibration targets at predefined vehicle-specific positions. Integrated cameras and guided software routines then digitally measure the distance to the vehicle and the alignment to the axle. It is height adjustable for use in headlight test or lift bays and has a large rack for a computer or tablet. 

Mark Heard, Bosch Marketing Manager for Europe North said: “The widespread adoption of ADAS is a leap forward for safety but it has increased the complexity of many repairs. Even jobs like windscreen or sensor replacements often now require system recalibrations. Our new DAS 3000 covers the front-facing driver assistance systems on all the most popular models. Testers have been particularly complimentary about the short set-up times for VW and BMW vehicles, which really boost workshop efficiency.” 

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