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ALLDATA Repair: 2019 MY Peugeot 208 1.2i

By autotech-nic on October 20, 2023

A “dull knocking noise” emanates from a 2019 MY Peugeot 208 1.2i – what do you think the issue could be? Remove the guesswork, thanks to the ALLDATA Repair Info Centre Service

Ensuring both the safety and precision of vehicle repairs, along with putting vehicles back on the road quickly, begins with equipping technicians with the right tools. ALLDATA Repair delivers that; it offers current OEM mechanical and body repair information, as well as procedures for an impressive 96,100 distinct vehicle combination. This encompasses over 95% of the vehicles currently in use.

Furthermore, ALLDATA Repair comprises seven million technical drawings and wiring diagrams, complete with electrical connector views. These are accessible in five languages.


The team at the ALLDATA Repair Info Centre Service was recently presented with an issue on a 2019 MY Peugeot 208 1.2i. The vehicle owner had been experiencing, what they described, a “dull knocking noise” coming from the front of the vehicle.
Bizarrely, though, the motorist would only hear it during warm weather and when the vehicle was at idle! This made the problem difficult to pinpoint and diagnose, making the conversation between technician and customer awkward, potentially.


Thankfully, the ALLDATA Repair Info Centre Service experts were able to come to the workshop’s rescue. They had been presented with this issue before and managed to get to the bottom of the problem quickly.
The cause of the knocking noise was due to internal damage within the vehicle’s front right-hand engine mounting. To rectify, simply, the technician needed to replace the broken mounting, being careful to use the correct VIN number to ensure the correct, modified engine mounting was supplied.
Once the part arrived, to complete a professional and accurate repair, the technician required a specific torque of 6daNM – information available, of course, on ALLDATA Repair!
Mercifully, this intervention from the ALLDATA Repair Info Centre Service meant the technician was able to conduct the work and hand the keys back to a relieved and happy customer – no more knocking noises heard!

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