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ALLDATA Repair: Inside Intelligence

By autotech-nic on May 25, 2023

Providing safe, accurate vehicle repairs and getting customers back on the road quickly means starting with the right tools: ALLDATA Repair offers exactly that by providing up-to-date OEM mechanical/body repair information and procedures for 91,950 unique vehicle combinations – more than 95% of all vehicles on the road today.

The portal comprises of six million technical drawings and wiring diagrams, including electrical connector views, which are available in five languages.


Independent workshops and bodyshops rely on ALLDATA Repair; as such, it recently came to the assistance of a customer that was recently working on a 2018 Jaguar F-Pace, which had been experiencing issues which left a technician puzzled and scratching their head!

The lights, indicators and the wash wipe system worked intermittently. The technician scanned the vehicle’s systems, but no trouble codes were present – it was very odd and frustrating, as it was proving difficult to solve. Step forward, ALLDATA Repair!


Thankfully, ALLDATA Repair’s experts had come across this issue before and, indeed, it was tricky to solve! The root cause of the problem was down to a poor connection on the connector mounted on the PCB board within the lighting and/or wiper control switch.

The technician removed the control switches (highlighted below); in the example, it shows the left-hand control switch, but the right-hand side is the same.

Upon doing so, the technician connected and reconnected the control switches at least twice to clean the electrical contact points. They obtained some Nyogel electrical contact lubricant – a suitable equivalent is fine! – and applied it to the connector on the PCB. For future reference, it’s vital that it’s not directly applied to the control switch connector.

Finally, they removed excess lubricant and refitted all components as required. The same method can be used, if required, to the right-hand control switch. This solved the issue and allowed the technician to complete a professional, correct and efficient repair, which meant their customer was a happy customer!

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