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ADAS IIR is coming on 31 March 2021 – Book a FREE IIR Compliance Review from Hella Gutmann Solutions

If your workshop carries out repairs to vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) then IIR affects you. IIR stands for the Insurance Industry Requirements for the safe repair of ADAS equipped vehicles.

From 31 March 2021 it is essential that you comply with the IIR standards when carrying out repairs to vehicles with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Blind Spot Detection and other ADAS features.

These new guidelines have been produced by Thatcham Research on behalf of the UK insurance industry, with the support of some of the leading ADAS experts, including Hella Gutmann Solutions.

What does IIR mean for workshops and accident repairers?

The IIR sets out new procedures that workshops and accident repairers must follow at every stage of the repair process.

To comply with IIR, workshops must ensure that they have both the capabilities and equipment to calibrate all of the ADAS cameras and sensors fitted to an ADAS equipped vehicle or use sub-contractors capable of undertaking the calibration service in accordance with the criteria of the IIR.

Book a FREE IIR Compliance Review from Hella Gutmann Solutions

The CSC-Tool – accurate ADAS calibration to IIR standards

A flexible, modular system compatible with the ADAS technology used by most vehicle manufacturers, the award-winning CSC-Tool SE from Hella Gutmann Solutions enables workshops to carry out ADAS calibration to IIR standards.

Get ready for IIR with FREE advice from the ADAS experts

To find out more about the new IIR standards and what they mean for your business, book a FREE IIR Compliance Review from Hella Gutmann Solutions, available on a first come first served basis.
Our ADAS experts will help you to understand the implications of IIR and how you can make sure your business is ready.

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