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Autogem reveals the I-sensor Pro

By autotech-nic on July 1, 2020

Autogem unveiled its most advanced TPMS handheld product to an online audience on 30 June, which shares common features with its predecessor and also boasts Wi-Fi connectivity to provide instant, free updates and an auto-focus camera to support instant and customisable tyre pressure reports.

The updated handheld device also features a completely integrated tread depth measuring device to give technicians the full picture of the condition of each tyre they are tending to – all on an easy-to-read colour screen.

Like its predecessor (i-sensor®) it duplicates sensors electronically or manually and can create a brand new, unique sensor in seconds. It diagnoses sensors at the wheel side and boasts 99% coverage of all direct TPMS vehicles in the UK and also includes American vehicle software coverage as standard.

It can also make sensors on demand using i-sensor® blanks. As a patented programmable blank sensor, no information is preloaded into the sensor. This extends battery life but more importantly, it means that there is no obsolescence by having a sensor on a shelf. It also means that customers don’t need to spend time working out which sensor to use as coverage is defined by the tool’s software version and not the sensor itself.

Autogem’s Managing Director Prashant Chopra said: “We are widely regarded as being industry leaders in TPMS but it is our installer partners, that now number in excess of 3500 locations, that allow us this accolade. We are so grateful for the time, access and support that these businesses have given us to develop our product and service offering.

“I-sensor Pro® is our next generation TPMS tool. It takes all the functionality of our entry level tool when it comes to diagnosing and programming sensors and then takes it to the next level. It features a faster processor, greater memory, colour screen, integrated camera and tread depth gauge, along with the ability to read VIN number barcodes and QR Codes. The added functionality that this future proofed device provides allows us to deliver additional support and faster solutions, all ergonomically packaged for the tyre technician.

Autogem’s Managing Director Prashant Chopra

A comprehensive training package is available and customers can also book an online TPMS Tune Up session with a member of Autogem’s technical team at to gain support in their TPMS journey.

Autotechnician will be taking a closer look at this advanced TPMS tool in the September issue.

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