Autotech – Is your scoping knowledge up to speed?


Our friend Andy Crook over at GotBoost Training is into scoping – he has worked out the best ways to get the most out of an oscilloscope and passes this essential knowledge onto technicians at his workshop in South Wales, at various college venues across the UK (until recently) and also at Autotechnician’s Big Weekend events.

We asked him to pull together an Oscilloscope quiz as part of our Autotech campaign – to help technicians brush up on their knowledge and process, completely free of charge thanks to our sponsors. If you have not taken a free online Autotech assessment before, fill out a brief form at to access the database of assessments, or log on with your password. The new ‘Test 10: Oscilloscope Quiz’ is available now – knowing how to use an oscilloscope is vital for accurate diagnosis and this quiz will test your knowledge of oscilloscope terms, settings and basic procedures.

Once completed, you will instantly receive your scores, along with the correct answers, as well as explanations.

We will award £50 to four randomly selected top-scorers on Monday 6 July. The tests are strictly confidential and free of any charge.


Q. A suitable total collection time for capturing a complete 4 stroke cycle at 800 rpm is:

a. 10 milliseconds b. 50 milliseconds c. 100 milliseconds d. 200 milliseconds.

Refer to this image:

Q. During a running compression test of a port injection spark ignition engine, the technician only measured 3.96 Bar of peak cylinder pressure at idle speed. The compression ratio of the engine is 10:1.

This is because the:
a. Injector is unplugged b. Throttle is closed
c. Engine has a low CR d. Engine is worn.


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