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Autotech Online Skills Assessment

By autotech-nath on March 14, 2021

The Autotech 2021 campaign, to support technicians who are looking to improve their knowledge and diagnostic skills, has launched – with a new online skills assessment as well as free technical guidance via the Autotech Online video compilation.

Autotechnician has added a new test to its bank of Autotech Online Skills Assessments – to help benchmark your diagnostic knowledge and analytical skills.

Andy Crook of GotBoost created the multiple-choice test and says: “In 2020, petrol Internal Combustion Engine, ICE, cars have outsold their diesel equivalents by over 3 to 1. So, there has never been a better time to dust off those Spark Ignition (SI) engine diagnostic skills. This test looks at some of the common sensors used in SI engines.”

Here’s a couple of questions from the latest test, see how you get on… Click on the ‘Autotech’ tab at to take the full test.

Results are completely confidential but score 80% or higher before the end of March and you will have the chance to win one of five £20 shopping vouchers, a little something to reward your fault- finding prowess.

Register or log on to access all the Autotech Online Skills Assessments at Once you complete a multiple-choice test, you will receive instant scores, answers, and explanations of the topics covered.

The output of a hot wire Mass Airflow sensor during a snap acceleration is shown below:

Autotech 2021: Online Skills Assessment

Q. The voltage peak at point ‘A’ is slightly lower than the voltage peak at point ‘B’. This demonstrates:

A. Poor cylinder filling

B. Incorrect sensor output

C. Normal engine operation

D. Faulty throttle actuation

Q. The voltage at point ‘C’ is higher than the voltage at idle. This is due to:

A. A blocked exhaust/catalytic converter

B. Faulty throttle actuation

C. Incorrect sensor output

D. Idle speed control measures


Autotechnician has filmed a case study with Andy Crook at GotBoost, who investigates a running fault on an Audi S3. The customer’s vehicle was stalling occasionally, would not idle smoothly and had a coolant leak. The fault codes, live data and subsequent tests are explained in this workshop case study to determine the underlying issues. Other technical presentations have been added to an Autotech Online compilation at https:// youtube/JWh0hT6BRTY.

Philip Mitchell of Delphi Technologies focuses on drive modules, looking at the ways manufacturers can convert their existing ICE technology to a form of hybrid while we transition eventually to EV’s.

Autotech 2021: Online Skills Assessment
Autotech 2021: Online Skills Assessment

In this 26-minute segment, Philip includes details of some of the existing mild hybrid setups – six options Borg Warner have in its ‘P’ family of Hybrid powertrains.

DPF Doctor Darren Darling then provides some insights into using additives correctly and gives viewers tips on how to stay out of trouble when working on DPF repairs.

Head to YouTube and search for Autotech Online to view these training presentations. We hope you enjoy!

AUTOTECH 2021 is sponsored by:

Autotech 2021 Sponsors

ACtronics are pleased to be continuing our sponsorship with Autotech for 2021. After a challenging year in 2020 and a very quickly evolving industry, it’s more important than ever for technicians to have access to world-class training, ACtronics are very happy to work alongside Autotech to provide this.”

“As a pioneer of OE technology, Delphi Technologies is in the perfect position to support technicians through the new challenges that they are facing. Whether it be the servicing of hybrid and EVs or the calibration of ADAS components, Delphi offers the training, diagnostics and technical support to guide technicians through the challenge. That’s why Autotech 2021 & Delphi Technologies are a perfect fit!”

“At Blue Print and febi, we understand that technicians are under pressure to keep up with the ever-changing world of vehicle repairs and components. Autotech allows us to share technical articles, videos and tips so you can stay one step ahead and continue to provide efficient professional repairs.”

“Sponsoring Autotech is a perfect fit. JLM Lubricants’ products, including the pioneering DPF range and professional DPF cleaning toolkit, have been developed for the trade and are supported with technical information and training via the JLM Academy, plus an extensive suite of online training videos. Contact Kalimex, UK distributors of JLM products, for anything JLM related, including technical questions and training queries.”

VARTA Batteries are delighted to be sponsoring Autotech in 2021. Andy Cook, Senior Technical Representative commented: “It’s a great platform to engage with the very best technicians in the market and we are looking forward to being involved”. The team at VARTA will be on-hand at Autotech’s Big Day Out in 2021 to discuss the latest developments when it comes to batteries on modern vehicles.”

ZF [pro_tech] estimates that by 2030 one third of globally produced vehicles will be electric or hybrid. In this increasingly electrified environment, the ZF [pro]Tech garage workshop concept delivers cutting edge technical support and training. Through a continuously evolving list of IMI accredited training courses, together with two subscription based on-line industry programmes, Plus & Start, we help technicians futureproof their businesses with OE & aftermarket service information on both ZF and Non-ZF parts and technologies.”



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