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Battery health


The performance and lifespan of lead-acid batteries are seriously inhibited when exposed to temperature extremes whether hot, or more critically, cold and as a result, effective battery mangement and support during winter servicing is essential for the wellbeing of both the battery and indeed workshop reputation says CTEK, a leading global brand in the care and maintenance of vehicle batteries.

In the UK, around 1 in 3 vehicles arriving in workshops during the winter months have a battery related problem. These problems won’t necessarily result in battery failure in the workshop but this is something that may strike after the vehicle has left the workshop – potentially damaging workshop reputation.

A few battery facts

  1. Battery performance can reduce by 35% when temperatures hit 0°C and fall by as much as 50% if temperatures go even colder
  2. At freezing temperatures, an engine’s starting power requirement can increase by as much as 250% when compared to that of a summer’s day
  3. Low temperature affects the chemical reaction in the battery – this makes the alternator even less effective as the battery will take longer to charge

Simply by charging and conditioning batteries during a regular service, workshops can ensure that their customers are protected against flat batteries and other battery related breakdowns during the cold winter months. CTEK has a fast, safe and effective solution that will enable workshops to charge batteries without the removing the battery from the vehicle or interfering with vehicle servicing procedures.

CTEK chargers are powerful, fully automatic switched mode battery chargers designed to offer outstanding levels of reliability, safety and efficiency. They are fully automatic, easy to use and require no specialist knowledge or monitoring – simply connect, forget and carry on with a normal service without worrying about the risk of overcharging and gassing. CTEK battery chargers are compatible with all types of lead acid vehicle battery including wet/flooded, calcium, gel and the latest Start-Stop AGM and EFB technology.

And don’t forget – if a vehicle enters the workshop with a battery that has a low state of charge, and it’s cold, what happens next (if the cold hasn’t already killed the battery) could be the final straw!

Maintaining charge

The reprogramming of ECU modules and fault code diagnostics requires the ignition switched on without the engine running. This means that during programming, the vehicle’s systems are operated solely from the power of the battery. Maintaining battery charge is critical to avoid unnecessary down time, lost vehicle data or even damage to sensitive electronics.

‘Battery Support’ (as distinct from charging) is vital for the supply of ‘clean’ constant voltage for vehicle programming. It will also guard against loss of battery charge so protecting the battery from discharge when the work is complete and the vehicle is returned to the customer.

All CTEK chargers within the range have a useful Power Supply Mode that can support the battery during ECU procedures.

The CTEK range has something to suit every workshop need and the patented system will ensure maximum battery power, extended battery life and, most importantly, ensures that customer vehicles don’t fall victim to battery failure. Visit www.ctek.com for further details.


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