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Battery Support


The GYSFLASH PRO range of Battery Support Units have outputs of 30A, 50A, and 100A, and the latest edition, GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV, has a powerful 120A output. This can be used in one of four operating modes – diagnostics, charging, showroom and tester.

When ‘engine off, ignition on’ work is being undertaken, a constant power supply is essential to prevent data loss and avoid potential costly damage to electronic control units during diagnostic work, software updates and module reprogramming. During this type of work, the vehicle’s electronic systems are operating from the battery alone, so you need the right Battery Support Unit to maintain battery charge.

GYS have introduced CONNECTED TECHNOLOGY, where the charger can be connected to a keyboard to enter customer, vehicle or battery details; a barcode scanner to identify the battery (if a bar code is attached), a printer to report battery charging data; and can receive software updates, and meet the demand for changes in charging curve to meet specific vehicle manufacturer requirements. 

It is also a sophisticated battery charger, suitable for use on all lead acid battery types, as well as the latest generation of Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries, and offers advanced protection for vehicle electronics, ensuring safe use over extended periods. 

The GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV is supplied with 5-metre heavy duty cables and connectors. A range of accessories are also available for the GYSFLASH PRO range, including a trolley, wall support unit, and heavy- duty case. 

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