Ben launches new online support for people with depression


Ben has launched new online support on its website to help automotive industry people who are struggling with depression.

Around 1 in 3 people contact Ben’s helpline about their mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. Depression was Ben’s second most visited topic online, after anxiety, with almost 16,000 visits last year and can be caused by events in a person’s life or chemical changes in the brain. There are different levels of depression, ranging from low mood, mild and moderate, to more severe and enduring.

Through Ben’s new dedicated web pages, people can find out more about what is low mood vs depression, how to cope and how to manage their mood and where to access support.

Click here to visit Ben’s new web pages on depression

For employers, Ben has put together an article on what to do if an employee is showing symptoms of depression or say they ‘feel depressed’.

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