Ben launches new resources to combat loneliness


Research shows that a quarter of British people feel at their loneliest in January, with over 9 million people in the UK experiencing feelings of loneliness all year-round.

Ben has launched new resources on its website to support people during this time of year.

Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director at Ben, says: “Understanding loneliness and feelings or behaviours associated with loneliness can be hard to identify with and acknowledge.

“The thing with loneliness is that it’s a ‘silent epidemic’ and it can also feel like a taboo. No-one wants to admit they’re lonely and it’s a very personal thing, so there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way to overcome it.
“If you or a family dependent are struggling with loneliness, you’re not alone… Ben is here for you. You can visit our web page for tips, advice and guidance, or get in touch with us via our online chat or call our helpline if you need more support.”

Click here to visit Ben’s new web resources about loneliness.


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