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Blue Print extends clutch range for European vehicles


In the past, Blue Print offered a broad range of clutch components for Asian makes and models. Now, the bilstein group brand has extended its portfolio. Blue Print has added clutches for European cars and light commercial vehicles to its range, providing customers with an “All-Makes” clutch portfolio from one single source. 

From clutch discs to release bearings and flywheels – the Aftermarket specialist offers more than 1,100 kits and 2,100 individual components for over 30,000 Asian and European passenger cars and LCV applications. The product range also includes high-quality repair solutions for Dual-Mass Flywheel and Self-Adjusting Clutches as part of the complimentary SMARTFIT category.

All Blue Print clutches are specified to exacting standards to guarantee a direct replacement to the original fitment. This is guaranteed by the bilstein group’s own Clutch Competence Centre based in Durmersheim, Germany. Here, clutch products undergo various important quality tests to ensure perfect function, excellent driving comfort and increased durability. There, for example, with the aid of precision measurement tools, all important dimensions are tested to be accurate to a thousandth of a millimetre, in order guarantee a perfect fit.

Find out more about Blue Print’s broad clutch range: CLICK HERE

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