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Bosch: Online MOT Tester CPD course available at special rate


With the April 30th deadline fast approaching for MOT testers to have completed their annual training, Bosch is offering its Online MOT Tester CPD (Class 4 & 7) course at the special rate of £49 (exc. VAT).

This course, which runs on Friday 23rd April 2021, has been produced as a virtual classroom which means it uses interactive online delivery methods and comprises of two, 2-hour online modules.

The objective of this course is to further develop existing MOT testers knowledge, to enable successful completion of the current CPD requirements and to prepare for the MOT annual online assessment, which needs to be booked separately.

Course Content:

•             Introduction to the MOT testing guide

•             A look into the documents used including contingency testing, VDRS scheme, prohibition and how to access this information within the testing guide

•             Which vehicles fit into which categories

•             The disciplinary points system

•             Using the inspection manual

Prerequisites: You need to be a current MOT tester in Classes 4 and 7.

Please visit Bosch Training Solutions to book a seat or find information about session times and availability.

For further information or queries, please contact

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