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Campaign to Stamp Out Tool Theft


Simply Business has launched a campaign to Stamp Out Tool Theft after research reveals one in three (37%) tradespeople have had their tools stolen, costing on average £870 in lost earnings (£870) and £2,135 replacing stolen tools. 

The small business insurer, which protects over half a million SMEs, is calling on the government to implement greater fines for those convicted of tool theft and tighter regulations on the selling of second hand tools. It has launched a petition with the aim of attracting 100,000 signatures for the measures to be debated in Parliament. The petition can be viewed here: HERE

Bea Montoya, Chief Operating Officer at Simply Business, says: “Tradespeople are the backbone of Britain, but they’re being stopped in their tracks on a daily basis due to the ongoing tool theft epidemic. Brexit is having a paralysing effect on British politics, but there are pressing issues at home which urgently need addressing. This is why we’re calling on the government to Stamp Out Tool Theft once and for all. We want to see greater fines imposed on those convicted, as well as tighter regulations on the selling of second-hand tools which, because of their high value, are often stolen to sell on the black market.” 

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