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Can you get to the bottom of our online case study?


Autotechnician has teamed up with trainer Andy Crook to deliver online tests to assess technicians’ knowledge, process and diagnostic capabilities.

The first, available now at www.autotechnician.co.uk/registration, is a spark ignition case study pitched at Level 3+. Andy says: “A spark ignition vehicle has been presented with a P0300 fault code stored, it has been to another garage who has suggested that the coil, leads and plugs maybe the cause. The customer is asking you for a second opinion.”

Further tests will be added in 2018, as part of Autotechnician’s ongoing Autotech campaign, providing independent workshops with free online assessments and supporting training material. Autotech 2018 will also involve a competitive element next year, and two training events will take place in May and October in the South East and Midlands/North respectively. Email Nicola@Autotechnician.co.uk if you would like to be among the first to hear event announcements.

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