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Autotechnician has teamed up with trainer Andy Crook to provide free online tests throughout 2018 for independent technicians, to help identify any knowledge gaps and provide material to explain the topics covered.

Fill out a brief entry form at to receive your confidential log in and gain instant access to the library of free, online tests, covering ignition, hybrid & EV technology and various other systems.

The latest test takes the form of a diesel case study – following the process of identifying a real-world fault by deciding the next logical action after evaluating test results.

There are 15 multiple choice questions to challenge both your knowledge and diagnostic process surrounding an issue on a modern diesel vehicle.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the questions…

Q. The wiring diagram shows a typical throttle valve circuit, which pin is used for the position sensor signal?

  1. Pin 1
  2. Pin 2
  3. Pin 3
  4. Pin 4
  5. Pin 5 

    Being able to interpret wiring diagrams is an essential skill for the diagnostic technician. In this example:

  • Pin1 is the feedback position sensor 5 Volt reference supply from the ECU
  • Pin 2 is the feedback position sensor signal to the ECU
  • Pin 3 is the feedback position sensor ground path to theECU ground
  • Pins 4 & 5 are the motor control circuit.Log in or register at to take the tests and see how you get on. The highest scorers will be rewarded this autumn…


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