CarGurus share weirdest questions asked by customers


Automotive shopping site, CarGurus, have surveyed thousands of used car dealers in its UK network to find the strangest questions asked on the forecourt.

While the survey results show a common theme of buyers asking questions around price and payment terms, a list has been compiled of the ten weirdest questions asked by motorists before they decided whether to buy a car:

• Will a coffin fit in the back of a Ford Mondeo?
• Can I take the car home to see if my dog likes it?
• Can you make this left-hand drive?
• Would you take animals/property as payment?
• Can I check the chassis number to see if it’s lucky?
• Can I take my 80-year-old wife for a test drive to scare her?
• Can you fit it with a radio and tape deck?
• Can you deliver it to Australia?
• Can you put the seats down so I can see if I can sleep in the back?
• Can you fill it with balloons and put a bow on it?

While the most common questions fielded by dealers are typically about more conventional things; whether or not the car has a full-service history, what the dealer’s ‘best price’ is, or how long the used car has been on the market for, some customers take things much further.

Chris Knapman, Editor of CarGurus, said: “When searching for and purchasing a car, it’s important to know it’ll meet your requirements – however unusual they might be. Asking questions is a crucial part of the buying process, and something dealers fully expect when a consumer makes contact, whether it’s in the showroom or online via CarGurus.

“By factoring dealer reviews into how we rank search results, CarGurus is able to easily highlight dealerships that go above and beyond when it comes to keeping customers happy – even if they do draw the line at taking animals as part-payment.”



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