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Case Study: Peugeot Partner ABS Warning Light

By autotech-nath on August 1, 2021

LKQ Euro Car Parts and automotive data workflow software provider HaynesPRO have teamed up to bring Autotechnician readers regular diagnostic tips in practice…

With HaynesPro, garages have mobile access to essential repair and maintenance data, alongside guided diagnostics, and technical support. Having all the latest information at their fingertips, boosts technicians’ efficiency and productivity – enhancing the profitability of the workshop.

Adam White, Workshop Solutions Director at LKQ Euro Car Parts, comments: “Digitalisation is top of our agenda for the independent aftermarket in 2021, and HaynesPro has a big role to play in that. By using data to plan resource and schedule jobs, and then completing each one to a high standard, garages can provide a more professional, efficient service, ensuring customers drive away happy and more inclined to come back in future.”


A Peugeot Partner was brought to the workshop with the ABS warning light on. The owner reported that although the vehicle seemed to be driving normally, the brake warning light was permanently on.

The engine warning light had remained on for a few days some weeks previously but had subsequently gone out.


Step 1: The technician connected a scan tool to the diagnostic connector and found three stored fault codes: P1536, P2562, P1497. The fault codes were read out before being cleared. The warning light went out.

The vehicle was road-tested and the ABS warning light came on again.

Step 2: The technician logged into HaynesPro’s WorkshopData and quickly selected the correct vehicle using its registration number. The scan tool was reconnected and this time only the P1536 code was present. The fault code was entered into the search box and returned ‘Brake pedal travel sensor: Coherence’.

VESA (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant) gave two suggestions: 1) To test the brake pedal switch, and 2) To refer to a possible known fix found in a SmartCASE bulletin.

Step 3: Following the advice in the bulletin and the suggested diagnostic tests offered by VESA, the technician tested the brake pedal switch wiring. No fault was found.

Step 4: Continuing to follow advice given in the bulletin, the technician renewed the brake pedal switch. The repair time given by the OEM was 0.20 hours.

The fault code was cleared, and the vehicle road-tested again. This time the ABS warning light remained off. Once back in the workshop, the technician reconnected the scan tool and noted that no fault codes had been stored.

Step 5: With the brake fault fixed, the technician now wanted to investigate the other fault codes retrieved when the scan tool was first connected. As before, the technician entered the codes P2562, P1497 into the search box (WorkshopData allows seven fault codes to be searched simultaneously).

As before, VESA returned the fault descriptions, suggested diagnostic tests and a relevant Technical Service Bulletin (SmartFIX).

The bulletin advised that the cause might be the turbocharger pressure regulator pneumatic control. As the fault codes had not re-occurred, no further diagnosis was necessary.

As a precaution, this additional advisory information was given to the owner when the vehicle was returned. The proactive, predictive diagnosis was welcomed by the satisfied customer, who stated that they would bring the vehicle back should the intermittent fault return.

The scan tool was reconnected and only P1536 was present – the code was entered into the search box and returned ‘Brake pedal travel sensor: Coherence’

VESA (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant) suggested testing the brake pedal switch and wiring.

A possible known fix was found in a SmartCASE bulletin.

The other fault codes were investigated and VESA suggested further diagnostic tests and a relevant Technical Service Bulletin.




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