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The CTEK MXS 25EC is a powerful, compact and robust 25A smart battery charger and support unit – supplied with handy 6-metre cables for extra flexibility.

It delivers a unique eight step-approach to battery care to ensure that any lead-acid battery is optimally conditioned and charged. Fully automatic, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected, the MXS 25EC can be connected to the battery without removing it from the vehicle. A ‘Supply’ mode gives up to 25A of support for diagnostic and flash programming work and you can use it as a secure 12V power source if the battery needs to be disconnected from the vehicle. The unique ‘Recond’ mode can also be selected to restore deeply discharged batteries, which would normally be discarded.

For your chance to win the CTEK MXS 25EC, simply email your contact details to, with the subject header – CTEK comp. The competition will be drawn on February 29.

For more information, or to find your nearest CTEK stockist, visit


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