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Complete diagnostic solution for car workshops


The Axone Nemo 2 is a reference point in the world of diagnostic tools. Is has been designed and built based on a multi-environment logic. And is used for the complete and precise operations on cars, trucks, bikes, off highway and marine environments.


The display of AXONE NEMO 2 provides a great entrance to the world of diagnostics. Ideal to help you work always at maximum efficiency, with a clear and global view of all the operations that must be completed. It allows you to easily display all the data you need to repair your customers’ vehicles: Parameters, Errors, ECU Info, Activations, Settings, as well as wiring diagrams, diagnostic help sections, results of control unit scans, and much more. All this from a privileged point of view, yours.

Touch gesture
Lightly touch the capacitive screen to reach the required functions in next to no time, and zoom on the contents you are particularly interested in. The capacitive display of AXONE NEMO 2 takes you to the centre of TEXA’s diagnostics.

To arrange your no obligation demonstration, email today.

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