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Considering reclaimed parts to get customers back on the road quickly?


In our day-to-day lives we’re increasingly told to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. We’ll openly try to reduce our single-use plastic, recycle more and waste less. But what can automotive professionals do to improve their business impact? Reclaimed OE car parts, more commonly known as green parts, are becoming increasingly accepted for repairing or refurbishing vehicles.

How is eBay ensuring consumer confidence when purchasing green parts?
eBay’s new Green Parts for Business platform, made specifically with automotive professionals in mind, is the UK’s largest online aggregator of green parts from only independently certified sellers – and bridges the gap between consumer confidence and buying green parts.

Collaborating with the Vehicle Recycling Association (VRA), eBay established a certification scheme, which ensures all automotive recyclers meet a professional standard.

All VRAC Certified sellers must have in place:
• A quality management system
• End-of-life vehicle acquisition and identification
• Parts grading, testing, recording and storage
• Parts marketing, sale, delivery and traceability

“During an initial trial period we found professionals in the industry wanted the full trade experience when buying vehicle parts. This includes allowing the option for different finance options and warranty options among many other things. All of which our new platform aims to achieve with its user purchasing journey.” – Laura Richards, Senior Business Development Manager, Vehicle Parts & Accessories, at eBay.

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