Cost Vs Quality


Ian Jackson, Business Development Manager at UFI Aftermarket, warns that diesel engines are less forgiving of cheaper and neglected filtration than petrol engines.

“Buying and fitting a cheap aftermarket filter can seem like a good idea at the time and initially save you a few pounds, but the reality is, it can cost you more over the period of time it is installed. Damaging particles can remain in the engine by poor filtration of the oil filter or enter the engine through the air or fuel filter. Cheaper, poor-quality filters can compromise engine performance, reliability, increase fuel consumption and increase harmful emissions.

“The latest high-pressure diesel engines tend to be considerably less forgiving to poor quality filters or neglected fuel filter changes than petrol engines are. A small particle of grit or excessive water can cause damage to the high-pressure fuel pump and fuel injectors, which can result in an excessive repair bill. Routine diesel filter replacement is essential, but care must be taken to ensure that no foreign matter enters the fuel system, while the filter is replaced. UFI produce diesel filters for vehicle manufacturers which use deep filtration media, developed internally and tailored to individual VM requirements. Our DFM filters are double packed for protection to further reduce the risk of contamination and the inner plastic packaging should only be opened when ready to fit.”

UFI Filters supply oil filters, complete oil modules, fuel filters and their housings, air filters and cabin filters to manufacturers including BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen Group, Mercedes, PSA Group, Fiat Group, Hyundai and Kia.

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