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As roads get busier, driver’s skills are increasingly put to the test and if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, it can be very helpful to have a record of the event if the blame game begins. As opportunistic ‘accidents’ are also on the rise, having a dash cam can help protect motorists from insurance fraud.

Dash cams have become a recognised tool for recording road accidents and unexpected events, just take a look at YouTube to see a plethora of dramatic scenarios unfold, but the majority of the time, the beauty of in-car cameras is the peace of mind it provides, giving irrefutable evidence in the event of an insurance claim. Some insurance providers even offer discounts on premiums if you have one installed as they often help to reduce settlement times.

Ring Automotive now have a range of in-car cameras – the RBGDC10 Dash Camera system is its latest, using a high resolution, 3 mega pixel image sensor with an adjustable 1.5” LCD screen with night vision LEDs.

The videos are saved using loop recording, with new footage overwriting old, so you never run out of space and a data protection feature can sense a crash and locks the video against overwriting, so saving crucial footage.

The camera has a built-in microphone to detect any sounds in the vehicle, features auto on/off, so you never miss a moment and date/time stamp, all of which are crucial if you are presenting evidence.

Top of the range is the RBGDC200 compact camera, which captures video footage whilst driving in FULL HD 1080P resolution. The camera has a 2.0” LCD screen, providing a wider view in front of the vehicle. GPS software provides the exact location, records your speed and tracks your entire journey for viewing later on Google maps.

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