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Delphi Technologies Academy goes from strength to strength

By autotech-nath on May 13, 2022

Delphi Technologies’ academy goes from strength to strength, blending virtual training with real-world results.

Amid the pandemic and to a backdrop of a highly challenging time for the aftermarket, Delphi Technologies addressed customers’ rapidly evolving training requirements with the October 2021 launch of the Delphi Training Academy.

Developed over a 12-month period by Delphi Technologies’ in-house training experts, the online platform represented a significant automotive training breakthrough, not only in providing the aftermarket with an easily accessible, industry- leading route to learning new skills but also by overcoming the traditional challenges that garages face when pursuing physical, in-person training.

Convenient and cost-effective, the Delphi Technologies Academy sought to provide a solution to all the issues that garages face when looking to train personnel and which were amplified by the pandemic, including the cost of staff being away from the business, both in terms of lost revenue and expenses incurred through travel and accommodation.

Answered the industry’s growing demand for ‘blended learning’
Additionally, the new e-learning offering provided the solution to the industry’s growing demand for ‘blended learning’ that complements hands-on, classroom-based tuition with virtual training. It significantly expanded the company’s existing training portfolio and, notably, underlined its near unique status of being able to transfer its learnings from being an OEM supplier to the aftermarket.

Six months later, and the Delphi Technologies Academy has gone from strength to strength, as Phil Mitchell, Technical Services Manager, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket explains: “Even before the pandemic we could see there was an urgent need for such a comprehensive online training facility, and we were pleased to deliver it at the perfect time for the industry. As well as offering a convenient and quick way to engage with the latest yet increasingly commonplace technologies, it arrived at a point when garages were finding it incredibly difficult to consider practical training due to playing ‘catch-up’ in terms of work, significantly reduced revenues, and many training providers having a training backlog due to lockdown.”

At launch, the Delphi Technologies Academy was believed to be the most advanced online training facility available to the aftermarket and gave users the choice of over 300 courses and modules, all of which could be consumed 24/7 and accessed anywhere on any device.

In line with how Delphi Technologies constantly evolves and refines its practical training offering to keep it relevant to emerging automotive technologies and legislation, the business has used its OEM-supplier knowledge and vast industry experience to further strengthen its e-learning platform.

Since its inception, the Delphi Technologies Academy has been enhanced with several new courses, modules and case studies. These include an insight into the workings of a high voltage EV battery, an explanation of the link between ADAS and lighting systems, and an introduction to Pass-thru and security gateway technologies.

Courses now earn IMI CPD credits

Notably, a recent development is that every digital course undertaken via the Delphi Technologies Academy now earns credits towards the Institute of the Motor Industry’s Continuing Professional Development (IMI CPD) programme.

CPD is a mandatory requirement for members on the IMI Professional Register, making it an ideal way to ensure technicians’ skills are maintained with the latest techniques and competencies, while delivering confidence to consumers that they are receiving the best possible service.

“Establishing the Delphi Technologies Academy represented a significant investment, so we’re delighted to have seen it receive such a positive reaction and the amount of users continue to grow,” added Mitchell. “It’s done exactly what we planned to achieve and was what the aftermarket had long been asking for, but what’s now important to us and those utilising the platform is that we continue to evolve it and make it even more engaging and accessible.

“We work to introduce new content every 3-4 weeks, while the digital nature of the platform has allowed us to introduce new features that help delegates engage with the course in an interactive way. For example, diagnostic training is aided by an engine simulator that allows users to replace or isolate different components in a virtual environment to help identify the root cause of an issue. More recently, the new module that explained the workings of an HV battery also saw us innovatively create a 3D image of a high voltage battery via a LiDAR scanner that was able to perform a 360-degree scan of the pack.”

Mitchell continued: “Where it’s really proved useful is that it’s enabled us to quickly share our industry-leading knowledge of emerging technologies, such as electrification and ADAS, with the aftermarket. What’s more, because the platform has been developed with no need for users to have prior understanding or qualifications, anyone can start acquiring know-how as and when the need arises. Its instant access also means that users can quickly use it to help them in their everyday jobs, such as where front-of-house motor factor staff need information to answer a customer’s query or where a technician may be at a critical point of a repair and would benefit from an online how- to video to help them complete the task.”

Most popular courses are EV and hybrid based

Unsurprisingly, with the huge surge in electrified vehicles and the need for the garages to be able to service such cars if they are to ensure their long-term survival, four of the five most popular courses relate to EVs and hybrids, and how these vehicles can be safely repaired. The number one course is an introduction to electrics, with Delphi Technologies quickly acknowledging customers’ appetite for such material and subsequently adding a trio of electric courses spanning how to test for bad earths, short circuits and a parasitic drain.

Mitchell concluded: “For anyone in the aftermarket, we are sure that the Delphi Technologies Academy will help you to significantly grow your knowledge in the most cost-effective and efficient way, while also having the potential to help you achieve industry-recognised qualifications. What’s more, a key indicator of its worth to mechanics is that we have found that the assistance required by the majority of customers calling our technical support could actually be sourced quicker via the Delphi Technologies Academy.”

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