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Delphi Technologies Academy introduces security gateway training

By autotech-nath on August 22, 2022

The Delphi Technologies Academy now offers Security Gateway training, giving an insight into what is needed to access and update vital data inside the newest vehicles, to win business traditionally confined to franchised repairers.

For many years, diagnostic tools have allowed garages to solve a myriad of mechanical issues simply by accessing a car’s onboard diagnostics port, but this is becoming more challenging due to newer vehicles (for example, those with self-driving capabilities) requiring secure protection from hackers. To prevent this, manufacturers are using a ‘master’ module, or Security Gateway (SGW), that communicates with all the other ECUs in the vehicle, such as those for telematics, climate control and ABS.

This latest course added to the Delphi Technologies Academy online training platform shows how the Security Gateway functions and how it can be correctly negotiated to allow fault- finding. A series of videos provide bite-size sessions, assume no prior knowledge, and explain the concepts and principles of Security Gateway diagnostics at a very accessible level.

A second instalment details how to unlock the Security Gateway for Renault vehicles, with participants able to undertake an end test. Once the course has been completed, a certificate is then available that grants the user 0.8 IMI CPD credits.

While fault codes can be read by traditional diagnostic tooling, to clear a fault code on a Security Gateway-equipped vehicle special access needs to be acquired from the manufacturer. The same applies when adjusting settings or installing software updates – any action that writes data to the car requires authorised credentials, sometimes called a ‘token’.

Tokens are usually only available through the official OEM service site. Each individual OEM group has its own website – Volkswagen Group has one method, Fiat Chrysler Alliance another and so on. The Delphi Technologies Academy training takes viewers through the necessary steps to gain access to the vehicle’s Security Gateway. The ‘how to’ element shows the steps needed to acquire a security token which can then be used with older OBD tools, such as the Delphi Technologies DS150.

Helpfully, technicians using a Delphi Technologies BlueTech diagnostics tool can take advantage of the company’s tier-one relationship with OEMs. The BlueTech unit can access many OEMs’ token requests via a one-time online form, saving technicians the hassle of registering each time they come across a different brand. Once registered through the Delphi Technologies site, the repairer’s credentials are saved for the next time they’re needed. Registering through the BlueTech tool also removes any additional costs for accessing the OEM sites as this cost is included within the Delphi software license.

Phil Mitchell, Technical Services Manager, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket said: “The hurdles placed in front of independent repairers by a Security Gateway can seem daunting. Delphi Technologies’ answer is to simplify diagnostics as much as possible by providing concise, efficient training to empower technicians in a friendly and accessible way.

“Security Gateways are a fact of life for OEMs now, and customer security is of the utmost importance. Legitimate access to the vehicle’s systems is still possible, but as with all new innovations, it requires a new approach and fresh learning. We’ve worked to integrate our diagnostic systems and training together, to save the technician valuable time, and enable profitable repair work previously only possible through franchised workshops.”


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