DENSO Aftermarket gains IMI training centre approval


Denso’s web-based e-Learning training has become the first of its programmes to achieve IMI accreditation

DENSO Aftermarket has been certified as an approved training provider by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), which means that all the company’s training programmes – whether conducted at its own or on third party facilities, at trade events or online – will be able to be submitted for accreditation by the renowned professional body.

“Helping technicians increase their knowledge and abilities is an important priority for us,” said DENSO’s Fatiha Laauich. “Due to the current restrictions, at the moment we are naturally only running our web-based training via our e-Learning platform, so these courses are the first we’ve submitted for accreditation, and we are delighted to confirm that those completing these modules can now gain their IMI accreditation.

“As things gradually return to some semblance of normality during the course of 2021, we plan to submit more elements of the programme, but in the meantime, the popularity of our free e-Learning training continues to grow steadily, which shows that there is still demand among professional technicians for relevant technical information delivered by knowledgeable experts.”

Registering for the e-Learning is straightforward, technicians simply sign up at

DENSO is also regularly running free webinars for technicians with the opportunity to ask the company’s specialists subsequent questions. To view the training calendar, visit the following link:

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