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DVSA Safe Campaign


Workshops urged to get behind DVSA Safe Campaign –

With the MOT extension in 2020 resulting in fewer tests over the coming months, First Line is supporting motor factors and garages to proactively promote vehicle safety checks as part of the DVSA’s ‘Make it SAFE’ campaign, and to further drive business back into the independent aftermarket.

First Line is urging motor factors and repairers to download a selection of marketing materials, communicating the need for basic checks and to encourage a service or MOT before driving again more regularly. Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director, said: “There is a real concern about the safety and roadworthiness of vehicles on our roads, especially following a period of inactivity and MOT extension.

“Now that things are slowly opening up again, we will start to see an increase of traffic as more and more people jump back into their cars. It’s important that the automotive aftermarket adopts the same resilience as it did in 2020, in effectively reminding customers about the importance of ensuring their vehicle is safe and roadworthy.”

New research from Direct Line has highlighted that approximately 3.8 million motorists are driving without an MOT.

To view and download the DVSA Vehicle Safety Toolkit, please visit:

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