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Dayco takes a proactive role in ensuring its engine products and drive systems are installed correctly and therefore operate as they are designed. This takes several forms and includes one-to-one training – generally arranged by a motor factor on behalf of its workshop customers – open seminars held at trade shows and ‘Technical Focus’ installation instructions and videos, the latest of which can be found on YouTube and features a belt-in-oil replacement on a Ford Lynx engine.

“It is difficult to overstate the importance of following the correct procedure when installing, not just timing belts, but also auxiliary belts”, says Dayco’s Country Manager, Steve Carolan, “so the training we provide centres around the reasons why the fitting process should be fully adhered to.

“However, what brings an important extra dimension to our training strategy is that, in addition to the fitting process, attention is also given to the design and function of the drive system itself, as well as the individual components within it. This allows technicians to get under the skin of the system as a whole and understand that it is only as reliable as its separate elements and will therefore only operate as intended if each is installed with the necessary care and consideration.

“Naturally, our one-to-one and seminar training include the opportunity for technicians to ask questions… As the fact remains that almost all warranty claims end up being as a result of incorrect installation, it’s a message that Dayco is fully committed to promoting and one that ultimately pays dividends to both workshops and motorists alike.”

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