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Electronics of the Future: HELLA workshop webinar


HELLA’s second webinar ‘Electronics of the Future’ will take place on 17th and 25th March, 2021 and registrations are now possible at HELLA Tech World under the link: www.hella.com/techworld/uk/Training/HELLA-webinars-60286/.

Electrification is a megatrend in the automotive industry. The number of fully electric and hybrid vehicles on the market is increasing and with it, the number of vehicles that need to be taken to the workshop for maintenance and repair. But electrified vehicles pose special challenges for service. The webinar ‘Electronics of the Future’ not only gives workshops an overview of the journey of electronic products from development all the way to repair, but also provides valuable tips on how they can become fit for the future now.

HELLA has also extended the webinar, so technicians can now gain an insight into the topic in around 30 minutes. Afterwards, and also during the webinar, participants can interact with HELLA workshop experts at any time via the live chat and ask individual questions.

Further webinars are already being prepared and towards the autumn, starters and generators are to take centre stage. All topics and dates will be announced in due time via HELLA Tech World, as well as the HELLA newsletter and social media channels.

Register here: www.hella.com/techworld/uk/Training/HELLA-webinars-60286/.

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