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Emissions reducer test

By autotech-nath on March 24, 2024

“I recently procured a can of Emission Reduction Treatment from the lovely team at Kalimex, UK distributors of JLM Lubricants, shortly before my 2018 petrol Nissan Qashqai was due to head in for its MOT. It just passed the emissions test due to the carbon being at the maximum limit of 0.20% vol, which was a good result for test purposes.

“I then poured the contents of the bottle into the petrol tank before filling up the tank and took the car for a 20-minute drive on the motorway to elevate the RPM and get the product into the system to do its work.” Note that the product can be used on all petrol engines, with or without a catalytic converter and one bottle treats 40-60 litres of petrol. There is also an Emissions Treatment for diesel vehicles.

“I returned to the workshop to again hook up to the emissions analyser*. The CO reading taken at fast idle during the MOT had been on the limit, just passing the emissions test at 0.20% vol. The HC had been 88ppm and Lambda read 1.013. Using the product had cleared the CO completely, now reading 0.00% vol at fast idle, with HC now at 3ppm and Lambda 1.005. I was pleased that my petrol car was emitting less pollutants and the engine was cleaner, meaning more efficiency too.”

The product cleans the entire fuel system and contains a ‘combustion improver’ which immediately improves combustion before it has cleaned the entire fuel system, reflecting in lower emissions. It minimises carbon deposits, cleaning the fuel system, valves, pistons and injectors, lowering emissions and preventing contamination of the catalytic converter. It is ideally used before an emissions test and for best results is recommended that one bottle is used every 5,000km.

*Thanks to MY Motoring for use of their analyser.



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