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Euro Car Parts introduces hybrid vehicle course

EURO CAR PARTS has introduced a hybrid vehicle course to its training programme, enabling technicians to work safely and confidently on and around these systems.
The course covers the operation, structure and components of high voltage batteries, the inverter, transmission and braking system. The high and low voltage system is studied and the safety implications which must be considered. The training also focuses on fault diagnosis.
Course content covers: Hybrid system components and operation, how to work safely on hybrid and related vehicle systems, maintenance and repair methods and the assessment of procedures to ensure a hybrid vehicle is safe to work on.
The next two-day course is running now at Sunderland Enterprise Park, and again on July 13th and 14th at Springhill Drive South, Glasgow.
This course provides eight hours of online learning with a one-day technical workshop. If you wish to attend one of the courses below, you need to register 14 days in advance as you will then receive a course manual, login and password to complete the e-learning part prior to the practical workshop.
The aim of this course is to show technicians how to use these tools to diagnose faults effectively with a heavy focus on the oscilloscope.
Course content includes:Testing circuits, detecting an electrical load, checking sensors, leads and clamps, using several channels, testing ignition systems and finding intermittent faults.
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Email training@eurocarparts.com to book your place or request further information.

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