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EV Workshop design

By autotech-nic on November 10, 2023

In this case study, Straightset helps a training college create a dedicated EV service and training centre

The impact of the rise in electric vehicles is topical amongst the aftermarket, with many already prepared or planning for servicing BEVs. However, there are many garages and workshops who aren’t sure of where to start, what equipment they need, what space is required, what changes they need to make. That’s where a specialist garage equipment company, such as Straightset, can help.

The company was contacted by a training college looking to update their existing motor vehicle training workshop into a specifically designed service and training centre for electric vehicles and had a budget and objective in place.

BEV specific lifts

The customer provided a drawing of the existing workshop and from here, Straightset’s project team could quickly establish the required changes.
The existing base plate-mounted vehicle lifts in the workshop were unsuitable for raising BEVs. The old lifts’ arms were not intended for today’s lower vehicles. Straightset specified new dedicated BEV vehicle lifts. The design of a BEV specific lift, such as the Space SDE2357 EV 2-post lift with 3.5 tonne capacity, has special jointed lift pads, allowing improved clearance without lifting arms getting in the way. Each lift was provided with charging points to ensure the vehicle 12v system battery is not drained during servicing.

A key piece of workshop equipment required in garages servicing BEVs is a battery lifting table. Straightset recommended a 1 tonne universal lifting table for the safe removal of batteries from electric vehicles.

Storage & tools

The existing workshop also did not have adequate storage for tools within each training bay, or the tools required for electric vehicles. Straightset designed and produced a cabinet system, comprising of tool, waste, storage, and services dispensing cabinets. Each were supplied with insulated tools from Straightset’s partner Bahco, all specifically designed for dealing with high voltage vehicles and installed into bespoke foam inlays.

Straightset project teams also advised on the recommendations for fast charging points outside the workshop and recommended providers to deliver this.

The project comes to life

After initial discussions a CAD drawing was designed to bring the project to life, featuring sufficient space around each bay to enable to enable not only battery displacement, but for a number of students to observe the operation. This was supplied with a fully detailed quotation of suggested workshop equipment and the reasons these meet the requirements of servicing electric vehicles. Once the customer was happy, the installation project was managed and delivered by Straightset’s engineers.

Michael Michaelides, Executive Director Resources at West Thames College, had this to say about the project; “From initial design to final handover, Straightset managed the entire project seamlessly to deliver a series of new vehicle lifts, workshop cabinets and tools and specialist equipment. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with Straightset on new projects in the future.”



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