Gates webinar will focus on cooling system hose issues


The latest technical webinar will cover diagnostic techniques and identify preventive maintenance measures that will help to reduce comebacks.

Accidental spillages during an oil change, the replacement of inline components and general vibrations from the engine can all potentially cause accelerated wear and tear to hoses. These situations are among several hazards and issues that will be highlighted when the webinar takes place on May 7th.

The webinar traces the evolution of cooling system hoses from all-purpose, early straight line tubing to modern examples, with molded sections and branches made for specific models. The branches contain different materials, such as plastic connectors, and are often fitted with a range of sensors that are essential to modern on-line vehicle diagnostics. Installers who attend the webinar will appreciate the potential consequences of gradual hose deterioration and better understand the need for replacement as a preventive maintenance measure – especially in vehicle models where premature failure of particular hose components has been identified as a trend.

The new Webinar is the latest in a series of online technical sessions designed to provide support for professional installers at a time when social distancing remains a priority. It will also focus on various diagnostic techniques that installers can use to eliminate common errors that may occur when fitting timing belts and installing water pumps, while highlighting the growing number of OE quality replacement hoses now available from Gates.

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