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Gear & transmission oils


Comma has announced a new product, three significant upgrades, extended application coverage, new part numbers and more pack sizes for its gear and transmission oils. The range of 28 Comma gear and transmission oils now extends to 84% of all manual gearboxes and 80% of all automatic gearboxes, providing application coverage for the majority of cars and LCVs in the UK vehicle parc.

New product – MVMTF Plus 75W 
Covering 17.6% of all manual transmission applications in the UK vehicle parc, new Comma MVMTF Plus 75W is recommended by Comma for certain BMW, Ford, Land Rover and VW group vehicles requiring a 75W API GL-4 lubricant. Fuel economy benefits derive from its low viscosity, fully synthetic formulation and combine with outstanding cold temperature and high shear stability characteristics for long-lasting performance. This new product is available to order in 1L, 5L and 25L pack sizes.

Replacement upgrades
Comma MVMTF Plus 75W90 is an upgraded replacement for the discontinued Comma MVMTF 75W90, suitable for 6.3 million cars and LCVs in the UK and MVMTF Plus 75W80 replaces the discontinued Comma MVMTF 75W80, suitable for 3.2 million cars and LCVs in the UK. Comma EP75W80 Plus replaces EP75W80. All are available in 1L, 5L and new 25L pack sizes.

Collectively, these four Comma products alone now provide 68.2% (20 million vehicles) coverage of the UK car and LCV parc, meaning workshops can have confidence in stocking these core grades.

With a unique 100% Compatibility and Quality Guarantee covering every recommendation, Comma’s online application data at has been updated to include the new product introduction and all the latest upgrades.

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