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GSF diesel space heaters


GSF Car Parts has created a short video to showcase the capabilities of the new range of diesel space heaters from ZM Heaters. GSF have recently taken on UK distribution of the ZM Heaters range. The growing brand has overhauled its line-up for this winter, expanding from 3 to 5 models. 

The video shows ZMQ-K70, K125 and K175, which all boast ‘super quiet’ operation, running with 30 – 40% lower noise levels than the previous ZM models, and under 50% of the noise levels of most competitor equivalents.

The video also goes on to introduce the two new models too. ZMIR-K60 is an 18 kW 60,000 Btu infrared radiant heater. It’s virtually silent and heats solid objects more readily than surrounding air making it a particularly cost-effective heater to run.

ZMID-K135 meanwhile is an indirect heater than comes with 150mm flue outlet with diffuser. This allows the sealed chamber to be connected to an external flue so workshops can benefit from clean fume-free warmth at an exceptionally competitive price point.

GSF Car Parts say ZM Heaters are also available through CES, GMF, Allparts, Car Parts & Accessories, SC Motor Factors, SAS Autoparts and BMF too, following The Parts Alliance announcing in September that the Garage Essentials programme was to be made available through all members.

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