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Hella Gutmann Solutions announces partnership


Diagnostics business, Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) and online car repair marketplace,, have joined forces to provide motorists with a diagnostic solution for their vehicles.

HGS is a global diagnostic technology supplier to many workshops around the world with its mega macs range.

Drivers who use to find a workshop will now be able to differentiate between those that utilise HGS tools, thereby providing a diagnostic service and those who don’t, by seeing the HGS logo on the workshop’s profile and choosing accordingly.

By becoming a workshop partner of HGS, technicians have access to diagnostic equipment, as well as expert advice. They will also benefit from motorists recognising their diagnostic expertise and selecting the workshop as a preferred choice.

The website has already been updated with HGS details, with 130 workshops already part of the network and more sure to follow.

Neil Hilton, HGS’ head of business development, said, “With the already high level and complexity of vehicle technology increasing with every new model, keeping abreast of the latest developments and being equipped to find the answer and fix the problem is more difficult than ever, which is why, drawing on our reputation for quality and unrivalled market experience, we have developed a range of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that can interrogate these vehicles quickly and accurately.

“By partnering with, alongside those workshops that already use our equipment, we’ll have access to thousands that may be unsure of which diagnostics tools are the best for them. We can assist them in this task by introducing them to our market leading products, which will allow them to future-proof their businesses and maximise this revenue stream.”

Al Preston, co-founder of, said, “We’re excited that HGS is joining us: workshops need to prepare themselves for the future and that means investing in the right diagnostic equipment.

“We have always focused on assisting our workshops and providing them with the tools to improve their business and we think that our partnership with HGS will benefit them hugely.”

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