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Headlight units, fog lights and spark plugs feature in 23 new products

“Reflecting HELLA’s position as one of the world’s leading automotive lighting specialists, we have introduced 17 new headlight units and two fog lights into our aftermarket offering,” explains Senior Head of Marketing & Communications, Helen Goldingay. “They also demonstrate the complexity and diversity of modern automotive lighting technology, with the headlight units for the VW Touareg, among these additions.

“In common with the majority of new vehicles, VW offers several lighting options for the Touareg, including 100% LED. However, they also utilise our Matrix LED system, under their ‘IQ.LIGHT – LED Matrix Headlamps’ brand name, on the R-Line models, for example.

“Through the targeted control of their 128 LEDs, these headlights provide very precise, optimised light distribution and luminous intensity. Compared to conventional lighting systems, LED Matrix headlamps significantly increase safety and comfort, since they enable the driver to recognise road details and possible obstacles much earlier and more clearly.

“Particularly with vehicles using headlights of such intricacy, it is imperative that replacement units are not simply aftermarket alternatives, but OE quality, like for like substitutes, which is a factor that distinguishes HELLA’s aftermarket programme.”

For more information concerning new to range additions or any other HELLA aftermarket products, please contact the sales team on 01295 662400 or email hella.sales@hella.com.

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