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JLM Lubricants Down Under

By autotech-nath on May 24, 2021

A special report from Australia on how JLM Lubricants have boosted business for a mobile and DPF specialist, courtesy of Australian and New Zealand distributor, GCG Turbochargers

In 2018, GCG Turbochargers joined the JLM family. Kalimex (the UK distributor) was the first to join JLM in 2011. In this special report, we talk to Brett Lloyd, Managing Director of GCG, and catch up with two technicians who have used their expertise and JLM products to provide a cost-effective and professional alternative to local dealers.

“GCG Turbochargers was formed in 1979 with the sole remit to sell and service turbochargers, directly to the Australian aftermarket,” says Brett. “With JLM, we are satisfying a huge demand for workshop quality products from professional automotive technicians.”

Simon Keppie, owner of Carbon Cleaning, Australia

“We’re specialists in emissions’ systems, DPF and engine carbon management solutions for all makes and models of cars. We are mobile, working at the motorist’s preferred location, and clean their vehicle engine using hydrogen electrolyte and JLM Lubricants. It is our goal to educate the average Australian motorist, helping them to better understand the emissions’ technology in their cars and how to maintain their vehicles correctly for the best fuel economy and longevity – without increasing emissions’ output.

“After trialing many brands, JLM Lubricants offered the best solutions under one brand name, consistently giving motorists the best results. The products complement our hydrogen carbon clean and have enabled us to grow the service into different packages to treat different severities of carbon build- up.

“Our highest stage clean is the most popular with customers. We completely clean the engine, starting with the fuel system with products like Extreme Clean, the oil system with Oil Booster or the Bortec Oil Additive and the air intake, EGR and combustion systems with both Intake Sprays and Intake Extreme Clean 2 step fluid.

“We recently had a call from the owner of a Range Rover – the dashboard had lit up like a Christmas tree with multiple faults throughout the system. The owner had been quoted a massive $17,000 (£9.4k) by the dealership for replacement EGR, DPF and major works. We assessed the engine and found that carbon build-up had caused the EGR valve to block with a series of other issues resulting from this. We carried out a thorough clean of the intake using our hydrogen cleaner and the JLM Intake Extreme Clean & Flush. The EGR valve restored to function correctly. The DPF was still showing high pressure and soot content, but this was no match for JLM DPF Clean & Flush. Once cleaned, we took the car out for an extended road test. A few fault codes remained within the system so a bottle of JLM Diesel Extreme Clean was added to the fuel tank. Within the next 100km this cleared the turbo vane and common rail injector fault codes.

Stephen Kasapis, diagnostics technician, Queensland

Stephen has more than 40 years’ experience in the trade and jobs are frequently sent his way after other workshops have been unsuccessful in diagnosing DPF problems, or DPFs have been cleaned without correcting the fault.

“I use JLM Lubricants’ DPF Cleaning Fluid & Flush regularly with fantastic results”, says Stephen. “I always get DPFs with such a high soot content they’re unable to do a self regen. Many mechanics call this damaged beyond repair. I call it another day in the office! Products like JLM DPF Regen Plus and Diesel Extreme Clean are also kept up my sleeve for when a motorist does not have enough drive-time to self-regenerate DPFs, or the vehicle has other faults like sticking turbo vanes.

“Recently, we were sent a Fiat 500 1.3 with zero power. It had been to three other workshops, including Fiat specialists, and had the DPF cleaned yet it continued to block up again. I was privileged to attend Darren Darling’s DPF Training at the JLM Lubricants’ Academy in the UK and reflected on my training so I could diagnose the faults causing the DPF blockage. Without engine fault codes, we searched manually through the system to find some mechanical and electrical failures putting 500mBar of blockage in the DPF. Using the JLM 2 Step DPF Clean & Flush we got the blockage down to 5mBar within an hour.

“JLM Lubricants’ products make this type of work much easier because they allow us to focus on the diagnostics and not worry about cleaning products. The best part of fixing this car was the smile on my customer’s face when they collected it, knowing it had been fixed correctly and completely this time.”


Brett Lloyd, MD of GCG Turbochargers, provides their five bestselling JLM products

  1. Turbo Pre Lube – It is now the standard to use a purpose made priming lubricant when installing
    a turbo charger. This product is sold with almost every turbo charger, creating value when packaged with turbo gasket and fitting kits.
  2. Petrol/Diesel Air intake & EGR Cleaner – The 500ml packaging and flexible petrol and diesel chemistry make this a lucrative investment for professional mechanics. The stock held will return greater profits than other products available on the market. It rapidly restores fuel economy and keeps the engine running efficiently. A key product every time a car is serviced.
  3. Engine Oil Flush – The common trend of short journeys that do not allow the engine to warm up (plus low-quality diesel in Australia) means oil contamination is a huge issue. Engine flush is a standard practice for vehicle servicing. JLM’s formula thoroughly removes contamination and oil sludge, and when used regularly, will not allow it to develop again.
  4. Diesel Extreme Clean – This all-in-one treatment has proven time and time again that it’s possible to use chemistry to clear faults and codes that most mechanics would usually fix with replacement parts. From common rail injector and variable turbo vanes to Diesel Particulate Filters, we have heard so many success stories, so few failures. This product raises the standard of additive technology and allows the highest quality diagnostic technicians to work efficiently and professionally.
  5. DPF Clean & Flush Fluid – Many mechanics in Australia are sceptical about cleaning a DPF without removing it, often due to incorrect diagnosis or using a poor-quality product. JLM DPF Clean & Flush Fluids are changing the way mechanics assess a DPF situation by enabling them to clean it quickly and thoroughly without breaking the bank.

For more information visit or call UK distributor Kalimex on 01273 891 162.



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