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Join the digital revolution – ADAS calibration goes digital with Hella Gutmann


Introducing the CSC-Tool Digital from Hella Gutmann – the ultimate ADAS calibration solution

The CSC-Tool Digital is the latest ADAS calibration solution to join the class-leading line-up from ADAS experts, Hella Gutmann. Using the latest technology for even greater flexibility and ease of use, the CSC-Tool Digital is the ultimate camera and radar calibration solution.

Designed to save time and space
Using a state-of-the-art ultra-short throw projector, the CSC-Tool Digital displays the required calibration target image in high resolution on a 200cm screen with none of the frequency flicker, screen reflection or manipulation of the OE target size associated with LCD displays.
Target images can be downloaded and interchanged at the touch of a button, greatly reducing set-up time in comparison to conventional systems.

Patented green line laser technology also makes it quicker and easier to ensure absolute alignment of the vehicle’s camera or radar sensor using its rear axle (which determines the true thrust angle of a vehicle).

In addition to saving valuable workshop time, with no need to store physical target panels the CSC-Tool Digital saves workshop space too.

Connectivity equals flexibility
With flexible licensing options, frequently used target images can be purchased via the Apple Store, while target images for less common vehicle models can be rented when required and downloaded in seconds.

Training videos from the HELLA Academy can also be streamed to the CSC-Tool Digital, so you and your team can stay up to date with the latest vehicle repair solutions from HELLA.

Discover the CSC-Tool series – the right ADAS calibration solution for every requirement
With a class-leading line-up of ADAS calibration tools, Hella Gutmann Solutions offers an ADAS calibration solution for every requirement.
A flexible and modular system, in combination with a wide range of expansion kits they allow independent workshops to calibrate camera, radar and lidar-based ADAS features to vehicle manufacturer standards.
In accordance with the Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) set out by Thatcham Research, a calibration report can be generated as a permanent record that calibration has been carried out.

The latest generation of the award-winning multi-brand ADAS calibration tool, the CSC-Tool SE incorporates a number of new features for faster set-up, including patented Green Line Laser technology.

CSC-Tool Mobile
Designed for mobile technicians and smaller workshops, the CSC-Tool Mobile offers the same capabilities and accuracy as the CSC-Tool SE, in a compact and portable package.

CSC-Tool Digital
The ultimate camera and radar calibration solution, the CSC-Tool Digital uses the latest technology for even greater flexibility and ease of use. Designed to save time and space, target images can be downloaded and interchanged at the touch of a button, and displayed at high resolution on a 200cm wide screen.

Click here to find out more about the range of ADAS calibration tools from Hella Gutmann Solutions, call 01295 662402 or email hgs.support@hella.com

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