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Jurid – Brake pads for a smoother ride


Technologies that reduce Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) levels are becoming increasingly crucial to meet increased motorist expectations of a smoother, quieter driving experience, partly driven by the rise of popularity in hybrid and electric vehicles.

In response, DRiV has announced the launch of a new range of noise-reducing directional brake pads from Jurid. The asymmetrical brake pads are designed to contact the disc at an angle, significantly reducing the tendency to vibrate without negatively impacting performance. This is done in two ways depending on the application: a chamfered friction surface, or a cut-out of the noise reduction shim on the backing plate.

“The reduction of NVH levels is a major challenge, especially with the continued emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles, which increases the importance of effective NVH reduction technologies, as demonstrated in the new Jurid directional brake pads,” said Ronald De Wilde, Brand Manager Braking, DRiV. “We are delighted to bring this latest advancement to market and support our customers with technical assistance and fitting guides.”

The new range currently consists of 50-part numbers.

Depending on the application, pads are marked with either an arrow or letter to indicate on which side of the vehicle they need to be mounted. For pads equipped with a chamfer, the largest chamfer edge is presented to the leading edge of where the pad and disc first come into contact. For pads fitted with a crescent or half-moon cut-out in the noise reduction shim, the modified edge should be presented to the leading edge where pad and disc first come into contact.

An installation video is available here:


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