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K-Seal hits 10,000,000 milestone

By autotech-nath on September 10, 2022

K-Seal permanent coolant leak repair was introduced back in 2003 and sold just 24 bottles in its first month; fast forward to June 2022 and sales of K-Seal had notched up to an impressive 10,000,000 bottle worldwide. Mike Schlup, MD of Kalimex, the founders of K-Sea, says the product is still to reach its full potential in countries including the USA, where sales growth is stronger than ever.

“Of course, any product selling in big numbers will attract competitors and K-Seal was no exception, so we had to up our game with independent authentication of its ability to seal,” continues Mike. “In 2011 we approached Brighton University Engineering Division. We identified an internationally recognised test standard as a benchmark against which to measure K-Seal’s performance and that of competitive products. To cut a long story short, the test data showed that K-Seal is capable of sealing 0.025in (0.635mm) diameter holes and 0.010in (0.254mm) wide by 0.5in (12.7mm) long slots satisfactorily in accordance with ASTM D3147 test method. Further testing demonstrated K-Seal sealed the leaks in test conditions 100% of the time. Another important part of the test standard is to prove that the stop leak product will not block the cooling system. It has to pass through a 0.85mm sieve without clogging or gumming the gaps. K-Seal passed with flying colours demonstrating it was safe to use with all types of water-cooled engine, and K-Seal remains the only product of its kind to have been independently university tested to this standard.”

With demand in the UK shrinking with fewer vehicles requiring coolant leak repair products, Kalimex is focussing promotion in the Middle East, Australasia, and Africa.



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