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Keeping classics on the road

By autotech-nath on June 22, 2024

“Keeping a classic on the road is all about passion, care and getting your hands dirty,” says Mike Schlup, MD of Kalimex the distributors for K-Seal, JLM and Quiksteel in the UK. “The older the classic, the more difficult it becomes to replace worn out parts, so looking after a classic is critical to ensuring that it keeps running and stays in good condition. Finding solutions to both help prevent problems and also solve issues, especially when sourcing parts becomes increasingly difficult, will help the classic car owner to enjoy their pride and joy for many years to come.”

“Modern fuels and classic cars don’t go well together, especially since the introduction of E10 petrol. Using a dedicated fuel additive such as the JLM E10 petrol treatment will help to stabilise the fuel in the tank, especially important for low mileage vehicles such as classics. It will also help prevent corrosion and clean contamination, all of which combines to extend the life of critical fuel system components in classic cars.”

Mike continues, “Moving on to the oil system it is critical that this is kept clean and in good condition. Regular oil changes are important, even in low mileage vehicles, and combining an oil change with an oil flush such as the JLM Engine Oil Flush will help to remove contamination and protect and prolong the life of the engine. Inevitably there will be issues with oil leaks on older vehicles and the JLM Oil Stop Leak and Oil Stop Smoke treatments can help in such cases, avoiding the need to strip down an engine.”

“Efficient engine cooling is critical for classic cars and despite advances in technology over the years, the fundamental principle of circulating coolant around an engine in order to transfer heat via the radiator remains the same. Any leak or problem with the cooling system can quickly lead to serious and often expensive mechanical failures. K-Seal Coolant Leak Repair is suitable for use on all water-cooled engines, including classic and vintage vehicles, and has even fixed leaks in a 1906 Darracq, a 1930s Alfa Romeo Grand Prix racing car and most famously a 1913 Type 22 Bugatti, the oldest running example in the US. With original parts virtually impossible to come by, these vehicles were saved with a simple treatment of K-Seal. It is worth noting that the K-Seal formula is compatible with all types of antifreeze including the ‘waterless’ formulations such as Evans.”

Inevitably things do break and fail on classics and making repairs, particularly when on the road, is vital to keep enjoying the vehicle. Quiksteel Epoxy Putty is suitable for anything from leaking fuel tanks, cracked sumps and blowing exhausts to rebuilding worn or damaged components. Keeping a stick of Quiksteel in the classic car repair toolkit is an essential part of any road trip, in fact, it’s what the nation’s leading roadside recovery groups use to keep their members on the road.”



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